Donating to NUnit

Your donation to NUnit helps us pay for web hosting, making presentations at user events and - of course - continuing to develop the software itself.

You can make a donation easily through Paypal, by clicking on the 'Donate' button.

Recent Donations

We thank the following individuals and companies for their donations to the NUnit project in 2012 and 2013. See below for past donations.


Elli Davis' Toronto MLS Listings
Chantal Marr and Life Insurance Canada
Jamie Sarner, Toronto Realtor
Toronto Real Estate
Ezekiel Udoh
David Spyr
Mateusz Bednarski
Clarence Defiesta


John Moore
Tadeusz Dracz
Christian Hidber
Tuomas Hietanen
Christian Selic
David Mora
Sandeep Rudrawar
Ouali Gram
Sergio Pereira
Ahmed Khan

In-kind Donations

Several companies have provided us with equipment, software and other assistance needed to carry out the work of the project. We thank them for their support.

Past Donations

Our continued thanks go to our past donors. Note that each name is only listed once in a year, although some folks contributed more than once.


Abhay Jain
Lars Thorup
Fredrik Meyer
Dong Xu
Don Cashen
Meynardo Jose
Brett Burch
Ravindran Thangarathinam
Jason Jerome
William Blum
Steven Hosking


David Jeske
Mahesh Kulkarni
Chalermviriya Kamol
Craig Boswell
1010 Vacations, Inc
Hanumantha Pydimarri
Paul Vienneau
Jennifer Weingarten
Gishu Pillai
Michael Albert


Zaber Technologies Inc
Olof Bjarnason
James Pulaski
Ryan Fraley
Barbara Brittenham
Jose de Fabriziis
Hasan Zaidi
Indizen Optical Technologies
Pete Bady
Daniel Richardson
Micha Kisza
Timothy Brooks
Henry B Stinson


Joel Meador
Scott Yost
Zaber Technologies Inc
Madan Reddy
Mohomed Riyal
Codice Software S.L.
Rene Poston
David J Harris
Laura Morgan
Mark Cassidy
Jeff Atwood
HighBrow Technologies
Kristopher L Culin
Eino Makitalo
Leon Carpay
Marcus Cuda
Fernando Antonio Camargo
Francois Korb
Prasad Narravula
AOE Media GmbH